[+ve] Thinkalot

Though the larger issues do peek over the horizon for me once and again, I feel that a positive outlook on things is still necessary to better deal with them properly.

In the simpler pleasures, today I completed a fair bit of work. Catching up on readings for philosophy class, doing some personal reading of my own, and still having the time to meet up with people. Not too shabby.

I quietly wish that there were people who would entertain the kind of conversation that I like to have from time to time. Topics that go in depth rather than just skimming the surface and deciding that it would be ‘too heavy’. Gets somewhat lonely, but I guess being able to mull things over in one’s head isn’t all that bad either.

‘You think too much’ I hear too often. Well I disagree! Too much is precisely the amount where the amount of thinking done is detrimental. Detrimental it hardly is.

I just think a lot. There’s a difference. 🙂