[+ve] Shutter-happy


Quite proud to have captured this picture while on the job yesterday. I was happy at the moment it was captured, and after some processing, am even happier.

Some might say it is over-processed, or ‘unnatural’, and they would be right. I was a little high when this was processed, and went crazy with some of the adjustments. The subject’s skin is not actually this colour, so yes, it isn’t ‘natural’.

But I like it. Sometimes, that’s all that matters; that one likes it.


[+ve] Everybody believes in good causes


Today I had the happy honor of tagging along with Project Raw Gems as they went around Starbucks Cafes to raise awareness for autistic individuals.

It’s heart-warming to see the fully able banding together to help the less able (no need to sugar-coat things, it is a birth defect, not a “special trait”). Many autistic adults have trouble looking for work because of social or psychological problems. They need coaxing and coaching from a young age. These four young women have added to my belief that all is not lost on the human-ness of the human race.

Perhaps they might add (or restore, in some cases) a dash of humanity to your life also?

Jamie said ‘Everybody believes in good causes, but few are proactive about it.’ How very true. Go Project Raw Gems!

Link to my article on them

N.b. This brings me to something else. I’m not too happy with how some of us delude ourselves with euphemisms. A paraplegic is not a “special person”, he is a paraplegic. We need to recognise that they are indeed physically less able before we will take steps to help them. It’s not okay to say that ‘its okay, they’re special’.

I suppose it is decent enough to use the occasional euphemism out of respect or fear of hurting their feelings. But if these words manifest in our thoughts, it metamorphasises into a delusion, and a very bad one at that.