So Facebook bought Instagram..


It’s old news now. Instagram is being bought over by Facebook for US$1 billion.

Instagram was the one app that, when it was only available on iPhone, I was jealous of my iPhone-using friends for. Needless to say, when it became available on Android, I joined the million who installed it on the first day.

Instagram’s draw for me emanated from the sharing platform, more than the camera itself. There are various apps (on both Android and iOS platforms) that surpass the Instagram camera, but none come even close to the simple, effective sharing interface.

While looking through the many beautiful photos on Instagram, it seemed me that there were many Instagram users who were unhappy that the owners of Instagram decided to accept Facebook’s offer. ‘You guys sold us out’ looked to be the echoing sentiment in that camp.

What.. Why?! I remember asking myself. I thought it was high time the makers of Instagram got the recognition that they deserved. After all, its beginnings were humble, and look where they are at now. Millions of photographers, many professional, have come together to share photos. It may be a stretch to say that the Instagram people have done photographers a service, but that is what I sincerely feel.

Now I see some Instagrammers complaining that Instagram is going to be ‘mainstream’ now. Well guess what, it has been mainstream for a good long time. Almost every iPhone user I know has it on their device, and we all know a good handful of iPhone users who are no different, I’m sure. If you need verification that there is conformity in deviance, look no further.

It is difficult to give up the feeling of ownership that one might have from being an early adopter, but this is a reality. Hell, would they turn down a offer that big from an investor that has a track record as good as Facebook’s?

On a side note, Facebook has assured users that Instagram will remain largely the same. Only the user pool, and consequently the photo pool, will increase. That’s good, no?


My first Instagrams!

On 3 April, Instagram for Android was finally released. I have been gushing about it ever since. Some of my initial images!