Starbucks. The Experience.


yes i know, Starbucks again

A look back over one week reveals a pattern. I visit Starbucks cafes at a pretty high frequency.

Even in Genting Highlands, the allure of a hot chamomile tea and a place to write is stronger than the hankering of windfall winnings at the nearby casino.

It really is the same experience all across Singapore, and now, I find that it is no different here.

The menu is almost identical. Prices are in the local ringgit, but when one converts the amount back to Singaporean dollars, a tall, skinny latte is still approximately S$5.50, and my cup of chamomile is still about S$4.20. Pastries and cakes are almost identical, except the one here seems a lot better stocked than the average neighbourhood Starbucks in Singapore; but that could probably be attributed to this being a tourist hotspot.

Even the tables have the same chequered motif, and half of them are wobbly as if by obligation.

My friends are headed to the casinos for a bit. With hope, they’ll win some monneh. 🙂