[+ve] A small gift from Abby


First post for my [+ve] journal!

We were at Sephora (ION Orchard) just helping her spend some gift vouchers . When she suggested I get lip balm for my always-chapped lips.

We busied around the store a little bit. After some waiting, we got our hands on the varieties of  lip balm on sale. There was grapefruit, honey, menthol, pomegranate and flavourless balm. The grapefruit one smelt more like grape than grapefruit, honey was waaay too sweet smelling, and pomegranate.. well I just don’t like it. It was between menthol and flavourless.

I applied both of them on my hand and quickly decided against the flavourless one. The too-smooth texture would likely make me lick my lips clean of them too quickly.

So it was settled. Now it will stay handily in my bag, as both a reminder to keep them lips balmed up and of a brilliant gem of friendship.

Now I just have to stop the habitual peeling.


[+ve] An Entry A Day

Too often we focus on the negative things that affect our lives. This causes us to be incredibly unhappy. I am such a person, too often.


The problem with this is that the brain is not optimised to work with negative emotions. On the contrary, dopamine, the hormone that is associated with happiness and myriad positive emotions also turns on the cognitive learning centres in the brain. Resulting in greater creativity, intelligence and learning capacity.(Lyubomirsky, 2005)

It is with a selfish objective that I begin this project, but if it helps, I think it would inevitably rub off on others.

So, beginning today, I will journal at least one positive experience every day, just to re-live that moment and get into a positive pattern.

The posts will carry the tag: [+ve]

Here goes nothing!