BurnAware: The Free Optical Media Burner

Ever needed to burn a CD quickly, only to realise that the media burner that came with your PC/Mac was inadequate (it often is)?

A quick Google search turns up dozens of options that promise to be quick and easy and free and.. You get the idea.

For such purposes, I recommend BurnAware. The download is a nifty 4.4MB, and installation is quick. After installation, the memory footprint tiny too.

Upon opening the program, one is greeted with a welcoming, simple menu that looks a little like this:


You click on what you want to burn, drag and drop the files, and the program does the heavy lifting.

Oh, and its free too! This little piece of software saved my a couple of times from having to submit projects late (people tend not to have decent media burning software installed, Nero, Roxio and the other giants are.. well.. giants that take up too much hard drive space and memory). Hopefully this helps!