It’s been a while

1280px-Stipula_fountain_penIt has been some time since I last posted anything here. Because of life, really.

Day in day out, its work at around 8am; getting dinner in and arriving home before 8pm is an achievement. Most days, approximately 9pm. I don’t hate my job, but saying that I love it is a stretch. I am proud of what I do though, which is probably more than some could ask for.

I feel like the ability to write even moderately well is a bit of a struggle nowadays. All I write are corporate-style emails. You know the type: “Hope this finds you well…”, “… follow-up…” or, the worst, “Noted”.

So here I am, trying to get back into it. Reading more again, and maybe getting some writing done, so that in the years to come, I might look back at these digital etchings and see if I’ve done slightly better for myself. If nothing else, I expect to be wiser, because that’s what’s aging and experience is supposed to do.


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