The Amazing Olympians

Some rights reserved by Alexandre Moreau | Photography from

Usain Bolt, king of the sprint once again in London 2012. Some rights reserved by Alexandre Moreau | Photography from

So I guess that’s all the synchronised swimming, fencing and pole-vaulting I’ll be watching for the next four years or so. The Olympics are about the only time these sports, among others, get the kind of coverage they get in the past weeks. We learnt a few things we forgot from four years ago. New rules in some sports, the same old judging biases in others. Many of the “traditionally strong” teams have performed traditionally. Few big upsets this year.

Sure there are hard feelings in many events, to believe otherwise would be naive. And yet, can we blame the athletes? For many of them it is one of maybe two or three times they get to compete with the best across the globe. Of course there will be tantrums when a call is thought to be unfair.

That being said, the atheletism and sportsmanship displayed at the games never fail to enthrall. The sheer power on display at weightlifting events, the split-second finesse in fencing and the grace displayed from the diving board, those displays remind me of the kinds of limits people with steeled will can break.

Well, that’s that for now. Onwards to World Cup 2014 and the next Summer Olympics in 2016! The closing ceremony was one great sing-along too, if you haven’t seen it.


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