The Dark Knight Rises: Thoughts

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises I think is a good superhero movie ending. It got me thinking about inequality a little.

We the common man constantly rattle our fists at ‘the one percent’ – the privileged few and their entourages. What happened in Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises is a revolution fronted by a deranged man. It is far out, but if allowed to breed and grow under the radar, the thought of such an angry mob actually forming is feasible.

The one percent whether they realise it or not, can only sit on top comfortably if the people under them are happy to stay where they are. Philosophers have argued this way and that on the matter, and my thought is this. The people on top should pay reasonably well, and make sure that the rest of society can live in relative comfort, only then can they sit happy in their nests perched atop everyone elses’s’. If not for society, then for their own sake.
A monster like Bane may not materialise, but the resent may breed malice as pure as his.


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