A Sobering Realisation

Double entendre postcard. "All right boss...

Double entendre postcard. “All right boss, tell her did’nt you send me to Miss Jone’s room to pick up her skirt!” (sic) The word “CLEANERS” is written backwards on the room’s plate-glass window. Note that if the boss had intended that meaning, he would actually have been more likely to say “Lift up her skirt”… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up one morning with a woman’s probable scorecard for a man in my mind’s eye. It was a postcard sized notebook thing that had three headings, each for the role a man has to play in her life. It read as follows:

1) Husband
2) Friend
3) Sex Toy

It brought something of a smile to my face. It seems quite a comprehensive list of roles a man has to fulfill. I would think the requirements are pretty stringent too. Like the dreaded IPPT, failure in one component will mean an overall failure.


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