[+ve] logged

Logged the longest run time and distance in a month last night. Mighty sore, but mighty proud. Building a healthy habit!


Gaming is primarily fun

Tasked to write a short piece in defence of gaming: 1st draft.

People always say “write about what you know”. Well I don’t know much, but I’ve played my fair share of  computer games. Not because I wanted to, mind you, but because between protective parents and classroom politics, there just was not very much I liked to do. Some call it anti-social behaviour, and perhaps they were right. Perhaps there was some part of being social that I did not care for as a teenager; I liked to read and cycle after all, not altogether communal activities, you might agree. So I picked up a computer game one day, and squandered hours having fun. I liked it, and the human penchant for being on one side rather than the other of the pain-pleasure continuum made me go back to it. Like reading and cycling, gaming was fun for me.

Now, the moral high road is wide open, and many have beaten me to it. The benefits of computer gaming: stress relief, weight loss, improved hand-eye coordination, social gaming (remember Farmville?), we’ve all heard about them. I don’t want to go there. Pain-pleasure continuum, remember? That’s boring.

I game not for the ‘scientifically-proven’ benefits, and care little about the similarly proven drawbacks. I game for fun. When people play within rational bounds, and I believe that comprises most gamers, that is all it is – a fun and admittedly rather pointless  activity akin to going to the movies or juggling tomatoes.

Yes, there are gaming addicts. But then there are self-bankrupting shopaholics and overprotective parents too. Too much is more than exactly enough, and is bad no matter how good anything is.

Freshly Pressed!


Got earplugs? Cat has been meowing for about ten minutes straight, and in the words of my Hollywood Actor Uncle, and any number of sea captains, I’m sure, “I’m becoming un-tethered.” They’re not innocent little mews, either. They’re long, punctuated, crescendo meows that permeate the walls and cause all rodents to create a one hundred foot buffer zone between their kin and the terrifying monster that is screeching from within House Nailthbailth. What’s worse, Cat makes a point to look directly at me when he meows like this, which is the closest I will ever get to being yelled at by an animal. The problem is, Cat wants to be let outside on his leash so he can fantasize about beheading small birds while he stares at them. It’s the kind of behavior you would expect out of a pervy criminal, not a civilized house cat. But here we are:…

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[+ve] Meeting People

Probably the best beer in the world

“Probably the best beer in the world” by Discovering Views on Flickr

Met some people last night for the first time at Mulligan’s. Had dinner and forgot to pay my part of the bill before leaving the party early. No matter. I tried my best at being less of a social porcupine (this metaphor just off the top of my head too, not bad for 8am! Have I heard it somewhere? hmm..), tiring though it is.

Not a half-bad effort too, if I may say so myself, though perhaps the level of communication didn’t exceed any thresholds that might make them (or me) memorable.