Disagreeing to Agreeing to Disagreeing

Ethical debate requires both an understanding of the factual details, and the constant expansion of sympathies. It cannot be reduced to the exchanging of dogmas from rival traditions, or to the simple acceptance of irreconcilable disagreement.

This is perhaps why discussion is vital. Sweeping an important issue under the rug may be convenient, but it makes the for bumpy ground.



[*ve] happy in love

Went on a job today covering the Jewel Box Wedding Gallery. Many couples were there to make plans for their perfect day. Women were sharing the various cheesy ways their husbands proposed, men hung on to their credit cards with little will.

And they were happy. Perhaps the institution of marriage has lost much of its magic so deeply rooted in ’till death does us part; but to be happy means everything.

There was also a Max Mars bridal fashion show, photos later!


P.S. I didn’t even feel sorry for myself. That’s a welcome change.

Busy Camera

Trying to improve on portrait shots still. Not much creativity, but it’s a beginning!

ShiggaShay's 'They Call Me Shigga' EP listening session

The photo I am most happy with all week.

Good food decent price

Not much creativity here, but looks pleasant.

Beautiful people

Beautiful friends make the weekend evening!

[+ve] Fiction is good for you!

chotda on Flickr

bookshelf spectrum revisited
by chotda on Flickr

To some of us, reading fiction is an unproductive waste of time. I can see where they are coming from. All the thought-up people living their lives in worlds created in an author’s mind does make one wonder if time is better spent elsewhere.

To be sure, time can always be better spent elsewhere, it only depends on what one’s priorities are.

Happily though, it has been found that fiction is good for our development. If helps us understand people and how they think. Situations and how they might unfold. It makes us more observant, more active listeners. For more on the article by Jonathan Gottschall, visit: http://j.mp/Iw2cYH