Thinking for Ourselves

It has been established that the spate of rumours in Singapore regarding the kidnap of children was nothing more than a hoax, with no real incidents inciting real panic.

Some parents have come out to say that the authorities should have come out and nip rumours in the bud. How very typical! It’s always the authorities should this, the authorities ought to that.

Think of the consequences that denouncing the rumours before conducting proper investigations. Which would have ripped at the fabric of peace more, some rumours alleviated after thorough investigation, or a hasty put down that had to be retracted. I think the latter would cause more panic. The latter would cause people to question the abilities of law enforcement.

It is the duty of law enforcement to get down to the truth and only dispel fear when the threat is truly bogus. False promises are the domain of politicians.

Though the Singapore Police Force, fortunately, haven’t had many opportunities to utilise its crime fighting prowess, I think the famously prevalent culture of ‘cover backside’ in government agencies may have worked in their favour this time.

More importantly though, people need to understand that social media sites are products of the internet. Anyone is entitled to say almost anything, with or without verification. The same way one needs to see through the white lies and political correctness in an office environment to get to the truth, one needs to first of all question the sources of rumours before being a ‘good citizen’ and clicking the share button.

Many would be quick to pin the blame on a government body; but think about it, a bit of verification before clicking ‘Share’ would have spared many a considerable amount of grief.


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