[+ve] Wireless@SG does not suck

The trip to Genting was nothing if not a demonstration of how crippled one feels without the internet.

Wireless@SG, the free wi-fi service provided by various telcos, is neither especially quick nor particularly stable (it does disconnect periodically, only to come back after a little tantrum). It is, however, practically everywhere. Also, clocking in at an average of 50kB/s, it really is no slouch.

I used to whine about it a little, saying how slow, or unstable it is. Not any more. The only places that one could get barely useable wi-fi for free was at Starbucks or at MacDonald’s. The speeds are dismal in comparison, and the stability of Wireless@SG would send Genting wi-fi packing.

Being back in Singapore again, I appreciate what used to be a quotidian detail of life.

Thus, while I will not go as far as to bestow the honor of rocking my socks to Wireless@SG, I will say this: Wireless@SG does not suck.


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