[+ve] Meeting Up

Well, no pictures for tonight’s post because I just didn’t get around to taking them.

Met up with Huimin and Ben in the evening for dinner at Eggs & Berries. Had a little chit-chat an then it was home time for the worker bees :p

When I got home, I saw that Kathrine was online on Facebook and thought I’d just drop a message in to say hi. What happened afterwards was pretty funny.

When I said hi, it was around 10pm. Naturally, I assumed that she was home, it was 10pm after all. Apparently, she was still in the office. ‘Poor thing!’ I thought. So I offered to go fetch her, in exchange, she was to entertain my supper pang. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Here’s the fun part. We both then found that we were both broke. She had a grand total of $1.90 on her, and I had a bunch of coins that would not suffice to buy a McDonald’s Value Meal.

Having already made the offer, I said lets just go to some cheap prata place, and we did. We spent a grand total of $4.80 that night on some flour, oil, milk and tea. Conversation was merry, both of us lamenting funny stuff. She was the last to leave and had to turn off the lights ‘eeep’, according to her. I recounted my experience of having an auntie updating six passbooks at the only Cash Deposit Machine available.

Happy times.


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