A special blend

I love my tea. Green, black,, white, bring it. Today’s brew: Starbucks Spearmint Green Tea @ Starbucks Coffee NUS



Today I’ll be helping cover Project Raw Gems, a group working hard to raise awareness of autism in Singapore.

Autism has, and in the foreseeable future, will remain a matter close to my heart because my brother had the unfortunate predicament of being stricken by it. It is a birth defect. There is no cure; but there must not be no hope. I have always insisted that he learn everything he can, just so that he would be able to fend for himself in the future. Tough love, some call it.

For anyone who has been a brother to another man, you might understand. It is not simple familial love. It’s a type of love wrapped in respect and restraint. Brotherly love.

The Special Education Schools that he has attended thus far has quite prepared him for work, and now he earns his own keep. It’s heartening for me to see that he is able to care for himself. It’s not an easy life, but his innocent resilience has held him strong, and I pray, will hold stronger than ever as he steps out into the workforce.

🙂 [sipping on tea]


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