[+ve] the love of creatures other than ourselves


It’s late at night, but the weather beckoned me out for a jog. The cool breeze smelt faintly of freshly tilled soil. And so I’d obliged.

Got to the door. Couldn’t find the other sock (you know the scene, you find one sock just lying about. Where do their significant others go anyway? Have you every wondered?). No stopping me now, I thought to myself as I unwrapped a fresh pair of white and grey running socks.

I put on my trusty Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman and clicked it to Arctic Monkey’s latest album ‘Suck It and See’. Seemed like a nice tune to run to.

At the second track, ‘Black Treacle’, I passed by the Temasek Polytechnic bus stop right around my place. The resident community cat was happily chomping some greens when it spotted me. She mewed in passing and went right back to her chewing, the same way we go ‘hi-bye’ with many acquaintances. I stopped anyway and give her a bit of a back scratch. A subsequent mew probably indicated she liked it, I smiled a little, and carried on with my short run.

I smile now once more, at the memory. The love of other creatures is quite wondrous. It isn’t really a dog eat dog world. It only is if you make it out to be that way.


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