What Do Bus Drivers Think About?

We know how driving becomes a somewhat ‘autopilot’ function once one gets used to it. The body seems to know what to do without much conscious effort from the driver. Eyes are on the road,  brakes are applied where slowing down is necessary, and speed limits are flouted with caution on “safe stretches” of road where both traffic and speed traps are not often seen. Times like these, the mind goes on to ponder things of varying consequence, to little or no effect on the driving itself.

That is true for the average driver, who travels to and from a few places, on a few different routes.

On the way home from campus one afternoon, I idly wondered what might occupy the minds of bus drivers. Given their job description, it can be assumed that they ply one route over and over, all day, every working day. It makes for a lot of time to think. What do they think about with all that time?


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